Happy New Year By Brenda Drake

Happy New Year

We are glad to say goodbye to our year past.
There are many memories as we look back.
Like some new sayings I do not like to hear.
I hope the phrase “new normal” disappears.
Did you forget your mask?  Did you sanitize?
Don’t touch your face, nose or your eyes.
Perhaps these things will linger in the year ahead,
But I will look ahead with hope, faith, and trust instead.
Even through our tribulations we are better perhaps.
As we cut away unneeded things and bring good things back.
I have cooked more and have eaten more too.
I cleaned out hidden places and unneeded things removed.
 Our atmosphere is cleaner they say.
I know I have taken more time to pray.
I have prayed more for my Country, my family and friends,
I have repented many times for my and our Country’s sins.
As we make our New Year’s resolutions,
To be a better person we should rest and watch for God’s solutions.
I truly wish for you all to prosper: to have a happy New Year.
Spiritually, physically, mentally blessed; rejoicing as this year disappears.

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