The Anchor of Our Soul By Brenda Drake

        What a large complicated world we live in.  I can easily get confounded with its unstable, violent, tossing’s and turnings.  Our God is not confused, or out of sorts.  He is completely capable, and in full control.  He that formed the earth and fills it spoke the first word and always has the last word.   Jesus is the Word of God and He is the Anchor of our soul.

The Anchor of Our Soul

Out in the world large and vast as the sea,
Sometimes I’m tossed about and the way is not clear to me.
I’ve learned that in the place of turmoil or stress,
The best thing is not to struggle but to in God rest.
You are the Anchor of my soul.
You are in full control.
Before long I am at peace within.
And the way is seen clear again.
The world’s sounds speak loud and clear,
But it’s God’s voice I desire to hear.
When I open up my heart and Scripture I find,
An anchor to my soul when with the Word aligned.
Before long I am at peace again.
The Word makes God’s voice clear within.
The lover of my soul says “Peace be still.”
With God what have I to fear?  I live to do His will.                                   
Kept safe in His love and care,
The truth of His goodness with others I will share.
Jesus is our Anchor; and He calms our troubled seas,
He is Savior that died to set us free.
He is the lifeline and the Light that shows the way.
He is refuge and high-tower and the Word to obey,
As the apple of His eye and His reborn,
What have we to fear in life’s storms?
As we remember God’s goodness we are set free.
Joy then overtakes the world’s threat and anxieties!

Hebrews 6:19
Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast,
and which entereth into that within the veil;

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