Come Soar With Me By Brenda Drake

We get so busy in our everyday life almost before we realize it we are piled high with the many things that cause heaviness within.   Jesus is always available to lift our load as we lift up our prayer requests. This poem invites us to share every concern with Him. He promises to not only listen to us but to answer with His assurance, comfort, and joy. 

Come Soar with Me

Soar with me over obstacles in the way.
You are lifted over them when you pray.
The dream that illusively seems out of reach,
The answer to the question you refuse to speak,
The doubt and even the fears,
That clouds thoughts with unshed tears;
Come let us examine these things.
Bring them one by one to Christ the King.
Your vision inspired by God above;
Are delivered on His wings of love.
The accusations that taunt sure failure within,
Bring them too; they are answered by Him.
With God on your side and with His rule within,
Is there a chance of failure my friend?
With joy, peace and salvations sure hold,
How is it possible you do not walk on streets of gold?
How could the bride of heaven with garments pure in Christ,
Not be comforted by the joy of God’s presence in their life.
Soar with the lover of your heart and soul;
Rest confident in His sure hold.

Psalms 27:5
For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion:
in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me;
he shall set me up upon a rock.

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