Forever Decision By Brenda Drake

Jesus is the greatest decision I ever made.  I am forever grateful for the prayers of my sister in my behalf.  I was not looking for a Savior for I did not know I needed one.  My Lord’s love reached into my dark soul and turned on the light of the truth of the dilemma of my soul.  It is a decision that it will take eternity to thank God for calling me to Him.

Forever Decision

Forever; a word that holds no real meaning for man,
It is a concept; a truth too hard to fully understand.
Forever, never to end,
There is no time limit once it begins.
Man’s choice upon the earth is important, if they will but see.
Their decision will last for eternity.
So foolish, not a speck of intelligence, is the choice that denies,
The acceptance of Jesus’ work left unrecognized.
It is a forever decision that can never turn about;
How is it they choose to doubt?
What is gained by their stand?  What value are a few years of self-control,
When you talk about the forever rest for your soul?
The foolish man hears the Word and still ignores its plea,
He will be tormented by his decision through eternity;
Forever sorry to his shame,
In eternal torment he remains.
The wise man will see that it is too great a price,
To reject the One that came to give eternal life.
He willingly offers his life to the One that saved his soul,
Choosing to spend eternity, with the One that makes him whole.
Jesus promises peace and joy with love that will their life embrace.
The wise will accept the truth of His amazing grace.
There is yet time oh foolish man; choose life instead of death.
Decide to give your life now to Jesus and a great future you can expect.

Joel 3:14
Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision:
for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.

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