Show and Extend Grace By Brenda Drake

            Many forget God’s grace is a gift of undeserved favor and begin to rely on their own excellence. Then when they fail at their attempt in a walk of perfection they become discouraged and in need of a kind and understanding word of direction to redirect back into the arms of grace. .

Show and Extend Grace

Dejected and dismayed,
Forlorn  and unmade.
Hope is gone and faith has fled,
Recalling no more what God’s Word says.
He measures by the world’s scales his worth.
With opened eyes to his lack his heart hurts.
He has tried to do right in his own strength,
But the way ahead is harder than he thinks.
His companions within; boastfulness and pride,
Loudly speaks out like a blasting horn inside.
At life’s injustices anger seethes deep within,
Ready to emerge like a bomb lit in him.
He is a sad creature; few know the truth of his woe.
He is the one who tries to always be in control.
Pray for him for he needs to see and know his true worth,
It was measured when Christ came to earth.
Jesus paid a price large at Calvary.
On the cross He died to set him free.
When you see him, show and extend grace;
So the God that so loved him can again show him His face.

Titus 2:11
For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

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