He is Beautiful By Brenda Drake

            The world’s wonders all were created by the One most beautiful.  God is love and He loves to show Himself to everyone who will have eyes open to see.  He loves us so much He became a part of His creation so He could pay the sin-debt of every soul.  Every seeking heart will be able to behold the truth that will set them free to enjoy His creation with a new reborn soul.  Together we will proclaim…

He is Beautiful

There are so many things for the eyes to see;
With colors lovely, displayed endlessly.
The sky is blue some would say,
But I have seen countless color combinations on display.
The mountains can be green, brown, or white,
Blue, pink, or purple to cause the eyes delight.
Water appears blue, brown, and even looks green or gray
And the infinite tints of trees, flowers and grasses amaze.
But when a glimpse comes to reveal,
The treasure of Heaven and His touch we feel,
There is nothing that can compare to Him.
All life’s treasures are found in Him.
Jesus is beautiful, so beautiful… in wonder we become aware,
That so great, so wonderful are the gifts that He shares.
His love gave His life to offer new life to the lost.
His love suffered to pay our debt of sin on the cross.
He is beautiful, so beautiful is all my heart can say.
All I am and ever will be is in His name proclaimed.
I am free to live a life with eyes able to now behold,
The beauty this life on earth can hold.
I am able to recognize the One whose light gave sight to me,
Revealing the truth His splendor is evident in all that I see.

Zechariah 9:17
For how great is his goodness, and how great is his beauty!

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