Limitless is His Supply By Brenda Drake

Jesus; name above all names is Lord and Savior, and the One that supplies all we need, to Him be all the glory.

Limitless is His Supply

God owns all the eye beholds;
Every diamond, every ruby, every ounce of silver or gold.
The earth is His footstool, everything is in His hand.
Every person and every animal in the land.
He gives abundantly there is no limit to His wealth.
Your God is also the giver of good health.
There is no problem too large for Christ the King,
For in Jesus is the answer to everything.
The air you breathe, the next beat of your heart;
It all has been given man at his start.
Limitless is His supply,
Never does His source run dry.
His storehouse is full and overflows to thee.
You must open up to His abundance receive.
He gives joy, peace, and deep satisfaction within;
On and on the list goes; it never ends.
Redeemed man receives the gift of new life,
Provided by the blood of Christ.
The heart that is home to The Spirit need never fear;
For in God’s mercy he is drawn near.
A Jesus ruled life can claim victory;
In persecution or in famine the captive is set free
In every hurt and in heart-weary toil,
God loves to anoint with healing oil.
His goodness you are able to receive;
All you need to do is to ask and believe.

Matthew 21:22
And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.


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