Light Overtakes the Darkness By Brenda Drake

Jesus is the Light of the world.

Brenda Drake Poetry

I used to be so afraid of the dark, but now I know Jesus the Light of the world. Evil influences and its terrible threats once caused me much heartache. But now I know Jesus the One that died in my place to pay for all my sins will fight my battles for me. Jesus is the Light that overtook the darkness around me and within me.

Light Overtakes the Darkness

It takes night to display
The light that takes darkness away.
It takes right to reveal the wrong;
The lie is overpowered by the truth strong.
Jesus is the Truth that proved light,
Overpowers evil-darkness and its blight.
The steady step that walks the walk,
And the faithful lips that talk the talk,
Will defeat every enemy for you see,
God is the Way and the Word for thee.
God’s Word is truth and our bread,
The Word lights…

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