My Life is Kissed by the Son By Brenda Drake

Oh how I love to bask in the sunshine of Your love.

My Life is Kissed by the Son

Even on a rainy day when all looks glum,
I will relax and bask in the Son.
In the sweet heavenly place,
My heart reaches up for His embrace.
I may be tired inside and outside too,
But my whole being has a hunger to in His realm move.
As I take a deep breath of His abiding peace
I feel my energy increased.
Every worry is abandoned and left behind,
As His love and promise fills my mind.
The clouds lift and the flowers bloom again,
Filling my heart with the sweet aroma of Him.
Beside still waters rests my soul,
At rest … content in His sure hold.
New wisdom is poured into the vessel of clay,
Prepared to face yet another day.
Ready and willing to serve my Risen King.
Ready with clean heart to His praises sing.
The clouds are lifted the rain has passed.
The future beacons with new promise leaving behind the past.
A new day and a new time to come;
With full assurance my life is kissed by the Son.

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