Lies From the Father of Lies By Brenda Drake

I believe You my Lord I stand on the Word of God.

In our troubled world there are so many words, opinions, and downright lies all around us. We cannot lean to our own understanding. We need to trust God and on His Word depend.  

Lies From the Father of Lies

Flat out lies spoken to deceive;
Useless, of no value seeds;
Sown by evil unruly tongues.
A very evil work is done.
A flat out lie man heard from the start.
From God’s enemy, the father of lies evil heart.
He points out every infraction, sin and flaw,
Says you are doomed, and you are a lost cause.
It’s a flat out lie; Jesus loved you so much,
He died to pay your debt of sin to fill with His love.
It is never too late to repent and to change your ways.
Jesus is ready at every moment of every day.
It is a great lie you have committed the unforgivable sin;
If you desire forgiveness, you have not so blasphemed Him.
Read the Word, so His ways you will understand,
Then the seeds of untruth will not grow in your land.

Ephesians 4:27
Neither give place to the devil.

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