Something is Stirring By Brenda Drake

The Church as a whole has been asleep. I know I have been awakened to some hard truths of our lax and lukewarm ways. The power and authority of the Holy Spirit has been neglected and even in many instances ignored, denied, or and even restricted to move within the walls of congregations. Something is stirring… Our Lord is on the move, a change is coming.

Somethings Stirring

There’s something stirring … waters are beginning to part;
A bit of excitement is bubbling in the heart.
The sleeping giant is beginning to awake;
The cords that have bound will soon break.
The enemy has been ruining things much too long,
But his success story will be proved wrong.
For out of her slumber the bride hungers for her Lord.
She will be stronger than ever before.
Wake up My bride it’s been a while.
It is time to put on your victory smile.
Pick up your armor …it is time to fight.
With your garments of praise the enemy takes flight.
Put on your robe of righteousness,
God’s will for your life confess.
Speak the Word and you will see,
That indeed the enemy will flee.
The world has watched the church struggle in the past;
But now they see her strength at last.
Her strength is Jesus and all He has done.
Her holiness is the work of God’s Son.
Finally she sees her place,
Is only possible because of His grace.
Her light shines out His love now that she is refreshed.
Love’s light is causing the excitement as Jesus’ name is confessed.
Something’s stirring in the atmosphere.
The call comes. …Sleeping bride do you hear?

Revelation 19:7
Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come,
and his wife hath made herself ready.

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