Back on Track By Brenda Drake

We all see the flaws within ourselves.  When we get too uptight with our performance we are on a path that takes us into self-works.  The truth is we are not perfect but Jesus by His work in our behalf makes us perfected in the Father‘s sight. Jesus is our example, all we need to do is do our best and repent and change our way when off track.

Back on Track

Do you think you need to be perfect, and fear when you fail?
Are you worried what people think? It is like a boat without sail.
Jesus walked on soil He created yet He walked in humility.
You only need to do your best to God please
Jesus’ body was bruised, pierced, and scared to one day heal you.
He suffered dirty feet and achy muscles too;
He prayed earnestly night and day,
With purpose He set to the Father’s will obey.
He did not seek approval of those who claimed to be in control.
He lived only to the will of God show;
He is the example of perfection in every way to see.
When you trust His provision from perfection’s-burden you are set free.
Because He has settled the debt of sin’s blight,
The man redeemed is now seen as perfect in the Father’s sight.
Though still you may see and feel your lack.
Instead of trying on your own; faith in God work gets you back on track.

Hebrews 10:14
For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified.

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