Victory in Battle By Brenda Drake

            There is a war raging with many battles.  Evil wars against good; but with God on our side we will win our battles, we already know God has won the war.  It is time to shake off all doubt and fear and get ready to win our next battle.

Victory in the Battle

The battlefield is littered with debris;
As the chosen throw down things that hinder they are freed.
The mind is clear; new purpose to their step.
Gone are fear and doubt, good things they expect.
Wide are the doors, no longer bared from the way;
Determination is written on every face.
Gates are stormed; the enemies’ lines are pushed back.
The truth is spoken as facts.
Some listen and hear its call,
And some in joy to their knee falls.
Some struggle to be free from sin,
They desire to the battle win.
Come as you are, I will make you new.
I have been busy preparing you.
Some as you are and you will see great things,
As you join the army in service to Christ the King.
Praise and prayer and a life that freely testifies;
That submits to God’s authority and trusts in His supply;
That reaches out to help and give glory to God’s Son,
A might move of God soon comes.
Rushing, mighty wind of mercy and grace,
Sweep over the world from place to place.
Great work from heart to heart,
Great rushing winds of revival starts.
Battles of victory for the redeemed man;
Wake up oh sleepy eyes to see how God renews your land.

1 Corinthians 15:57
But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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