Call Of The Heart By Brenda Drake

            When looking back I remember many times desiring to do what was right.  One day I found the truth, I could not live right without the help of the One who would free me from wrong.  Jesus was the answer to my yearning heart.  He is the answer each day since.  Now He speaks His life through me.  It is so wise to listen to the call of our heart when it agrees with the Word of God.

Call of the Heart

In the innermost place; in the deepest part,
In the area called the heart.
The heart is deeply unsatisfied with an empty space within.
It has a God shaped space made just for Him.
Man has choice to heed their hearts call,
Or to into sin’s evil trap fall.
All have choice to fill the space with Christ,
And to receive much more of His life;
Or to remain with the self-satisfying part,
Of the wall-building, stone-throwing heart.
You have heard hearts turn stone-cold, it is true;
Take care it does not happen to you.
Listen to words that give hope in times of stress.
Trust God and have faith He desires for your best.
Jesus took every sin upon His back so you could see;
So from sin’s hold you could be set free.
His death and resurrection rescues from hell’s grasp.
He is always willing and able for every task.
Believe and receive all the promises in the Word.
Your life then proves you have the call of His heart heard

Psalms 119:2-3
Blessed are they that keep his testimonies,and that seek him with the whole heart.
They also do no iniquity:they walk in his ways.

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