Heart Touching Moments By Brenda Drake

colorful butterfly is laying on a woman’s hand

There are some precious heart-touching moments in life; such as our wedding vows and our child’s birth. But the most heart touching moment will never be topped.  The day we are born again, and are betrothed to the Savior of our soul.

The Heart Touching Moments

Heart touching moments causes change.
Wrong thoughts are diverted and actions rearrange.
But for this to happen our heart and ears,
Need to be opened to hear.
For ears to open there needs to be,
Willingness to the wisdom of truth receive.
Example: Have you tried to communicate with someone,
But they remain unmoved when you were done?
Their position was as in cement poured,
They remained untouched, the same as before.
You will receive no satisfaction from them,
Their ears are closed tight no other word is allowed in.
Remember the day you were confronted with the truth of sin?
Because you heard and believed; more truth entered in.
You beheld the love of the Father and the sacrifice of His Son,
And believed and received the good work that was done.
It is a heart-touching moment like no other,
New hope, new life, and new joy discovered.
There is a change in direction, thoughts, and deeds.
When ears are opened and the heart receives all that it needs.

Psalms 35:9
And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord:
it shall rejoice in his salvation.

Torn Flower By Brenda Drake

I love this poem God gave me.  Its message is a beautiful glimpse of the love bestowed upon us by the Lover of our Soul.  When we practice loving like Jesus we will be aware of those that are used and abused or almost unseen in a busy, worldly, cruel world.

Torn Flower

In the rocky soil in the appointed place,
The little flower lifts up it face.
Perhaps no one ever notices but still it is there,
To offer its aroma to anyone that cares.
Now in this story you may begin to perceive,
That every bloom is important to Me.
Sometimes you get a glimpse of someone others pass by;
And you appreciate their touch upon your life.
Perhaps their aroma has sweetened the air you breathe;
And they have become very precious to thee.
What I want you to see is the one stepped upon;
The one that all their beauty is gone.
They are ragged from the cares of life and the world’s abuse.
They are forgotten and tossed aside like an old pair of shoes.
I desire for you to see the torn flowers, help them know,
That the God that so loved the world loves them so.
Put your arms out and gather them close and you will see,
They become a beautiful display: a bouquet for the King.
Love the unlovely, love the flowers torn;
For such are the ones in God’s kingdom and are the reborn.
Do you remember your condition before God came into your life?
How terrible was the condition of the soul before the touch of Christ.
You prove that torn flowers may be completely restored,
By the good work of love – to become a glory to the Lord.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth
in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Heart’s Cry By Brenda Drake

Whisper: I hear every heart’s cry.

Luke 10:27
And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul,
and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.

John 13:34
A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you,
that ye also love one another.

Heart’s Cry

I believe my heart’s cry is also God’s hearts cry.
He desires families and friends to get along and so do I.
Life is fragile and precious and I have found,
We are very fortunate to still be around.
It is strange Lord how easily we tend to forget,
What matters most; help us to hold unto it:
Such as respect for others, to deny selfish ways;
The great value of positive thoughts, and words of praise.
My heart cries at the pettiness of our sinful self;
When wrong attitudes and contrary personalities rise up or creeps out.
Forgive us and remind to desire God above all things;
To place others first and thus give honor to Christ our King.
Heavy hearts are sad when self makes a stand.
Help us practice joy and peace as we hold onto Your hand.
Songs of praise and joy causes hearts to rejoice in song.
Testify of God and His ways that proves to Him You belong.
My heart’s cry is to love as Jesus did for we see,
Jesus sacrificed Himself so our heart His joy and love could receive.

You turn our cry of desire into joyful love songs of faith.

Tears That Count By Brenda Drake

            It takes a lot for me to cry, so there are times I am surprised by an unexpected emotional reaction at the plight of someone in great need.  I know God can and does use a tender heart.  I pray I have a sensitive heart like Jesus so I will shed tears that truly count.

Tears That Count

The tender heart has tears abundant in measure.
They cry when sad and even in times of pleasure.
Some weep when caught in wrong,
And some cry even when hearing children’s songs.
There are tears of repentance and tears of joy;
Tears when they lose a job, and tears when they are employed.
Good actors can turn them on and off at will;
But there are tears the heart feels….Jesus wept the Scripture tells.
He wept when He saw His friend’s loss.
He cried tears of blood in His struggle to go to the cross.
He cried “It is finished” when His work was done,
As He paid the sin-debt of everyone
Tears of anguish tore His heart into,
As He poured out Himself, to bring wholeness to you.
The tears that count cause change deep within.
Tears that feels another’s pain and cries out in prayer for them.
The tears that lays down self-will and forgives another’s sin,
Shows compassion fashioned after Jesus… as you follow after Him.

Psalms 56:8
Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?