Tears That Count By Brenda Drake

            It takes a lot for me to cry, so there are times I am surprised by an unexpected emotional reaction at the plight of someone in great need.  I know God can and does use a tender heart.  I pray I have a sensitive heart like Jesus so I will shed tears that truly count.

Tears That Count

The tender heart has tears abundant in measure.
They cry when sad and even in times of pleasure.
Some weep when caught in wrong,
And some cry even when hearing children’s songs.
There are tears of repentance and tears of joy;
Tears when they lose a job, and tears when they are employed.
Good actors can turn them on and off at will;
But there are tears the heart feels….Jesus wept the Scripture tells.
He wept when He saw His friend’s loss.
He cried tears of blood in His struggle to go to the cross.
He cried “It is finished” when His work was done,
As He paid the sin-debt of everyone
Tears of anguish tore His heart into,
As He poured out Himself, to bring wholeness to you.
The tears that count cause change deep within.
Tears that feels another’s pain and cries out in prayer for them.
The tears that lays down self-will and forgives another’s sin,
Shows compassion fashioned after Jesus… as you follow after Him.

Psalms 56:8
Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?

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