Heart Touching Moments By Brenda Drake

colorful butterfly is laying on a woman’s hand

There are some precious heart-touching moments in life; such as our wedding vows and our child’s birth. But the most heart touching moment will never be topped.  The day we are born again, and are betrothed to the Savior of our soul.

The Heart Touching Moments

Heart touching moments causes change.
Wrong thoughts are diverted and actions rearrange.
But for this to happen our heart and ears,
Need to be opened to hear.
For ears to open there needs to be,
Willingness to the wisdom of truth receive.
Example: Have you tried to communicate with someone,
But they remain unmoved when you were done?
Their position was as in cement poured,
They remained untouched, the same as before.
You will receive no satisfaction from them,
Their ears are closed tight no other word is allowed in.
Remember the day you were confronted with the truth of sin?
Because you heard and believed; more truth entered in.
You beheld the love of the Father and the sacrifice of His Son,
And believed and received the good work that was done.
It is a heart-touching moment like no other,
New hope, new life, and new joy discovered.
There is a change in direction, thoughts, and deeds.
When ears are opened and the heart receives all that it needs.

Psalms 35:9
And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord:
it shall rejoice in his salvation.

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