Depressed Jess by Brenda Drake


Depressed Jess by  Brenda Drake

Depressed Jess… Oh, what a mess;
All he feels is unhappiness.
He walks with a dark cloud overhead.
All he sees are obstacles, and all he feels is dread.
His smile is upside down.
His eyes do not look up, they look to the ground.
He walks with a heavy step and drags his feet.
He faces every problem or trial with utter defeat.
He slumbers many hours without attaining rest.
The day’s hours, are like a sentence; because he’s so depressed.
In his depression he begins to feel,
That only his outlook in life is true and real.
But, he is deceived.  The evil one lies to him.
His greatest enemy pretends to be his friend.
There is help for him;  it is on the way.
Someone has recognized his plight, and they’ve begun to pray.
Depressed Jess still has a choice: he can choose, to the Light see,
Or, he can choose to continue to entertain the enemy.
If he listens to Jesus, he must not in this place stay.
He must decide to change his ways.
Jess has a new name, when he decides to depression fight.
Depressed Jess, becomes the best Jess; the close follower of Christ!

Prov 15:13 A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow
of the heart the spirit is broken.


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