A Father’s Heart by Brenda drake


The Father’s Heart

The father’s heart yearns to express love for his son.
He tries… but when the day is done,
He wonders ,did he get his message through?
Even though he did all he could do.
His words, were to encourage and to lift and edify,
His heart’s thoughts; to communicate he tried.
Oh how he desires to take away every pain.
How he would fight to free from every chain.
The father’s heart, is softer than you at first can see.
But this, is just as the Father in heaven, plans it to be.
For He too loves His children much,
He strives always to show and to share His love.
His Word is designed always to His love share.
He sent His Son to show how much He cares.
The Father’s heart was broken, when His only Son,
Suffered and died to save the lost …each and every one.
He took upon Himself every sin and pain.
He died and rose again to break every chain.
He till this day will  your battle fight.
For the Father’s heart fills with love for His redeemed …they are His delight

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