Dear Heart





I do not write letters often, I would rather call on a phone.  Our God calls out to us at all times but many do not hear His voice.  Perhaps some will hear His message of love in this love letter to them.


Dear Heart,

How are you?  I heard you were ill.
Keep your appointment with the Great Physician when you are not feeling well.
He is a Specialist; in heart, body, and mind.
He is always available to spend His time.
His holy service does not cost you a thing.
He paid the price that covers everything.
Are you still hungry?  He has bread that fulfills,
With supernatural strength; that within is instilled.
His nourishment is lovingly served to all who comes,
And, is available at any time to everyone.
Dear heart, do you still have worry, stress, and anxiety?
If so, I have the perfect remedy.
There is a River that flows in this most perfect place
Where peace reigns and wraps in arms of grace.
Come it is where God abides.
You are always welcome and you will be revived.
When you come often I am sure you will see.
You are feeling much better; as full and filled as you want to be.
Sincerely, The Lover of your Soul,
Jesus, Lord, Savior, that all things know,

 Isaiah 50:5
The Lord God hath opened mine ear, and I was not rebellious,
neither turned away back.




Lord, I hear your call.  Thank you for being everything I need. Thank you for paying the debt of my sins.  Thank you for the wonderful gift of prayer.

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