Fishers of Men By Brenda Drake


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Fishers of Men

Fishing can be a lot of fun;
Relaxing for the old and exciting for the young.
There is a little preparation…. the most important thing,
Bait must be plentiful more than anything.
The fishing that your Lord desires for you to do;
Is to bring others to the water that holds promise for you.
Hearts that hunger for souls do well;
They draw men  by  their life stories they tell.
The world has need deep within
They hunger for peace, joy and to be freed from sin
Come let us go fishing; allow your day to be,
Conscious of the souls that are hungry.
Throw out the line (the life-line) to them.
It is done by living what you believe and by being a friend.
Be ready always to tell of the good news of Christ,
Willing  always to self sacrifice,
Perhaps this is the day for a big catch;
I’ll will go with you for I know right where they’re at.

Matt 4:19
And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.




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