The Biscuit Maker By Brenda Drake


biscuit maker Another sneak peak into my new daily devotional book Anointed With Fire to be released hopefully later this year.

 Isaiah 49:16
Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls
are continually before me.

            I received this poem several years ago.  I love it, and often wonder who this biscuit maker is.  I look forward to meeting her one day in heaven.  I also love the moral of telling her story.  You may feel unimportant but in God’s eyes you are very important to Him.

The Biscuit Maker

  • There is one that works in a factory at a job dull and mundane.
    She is not paid well but the King knows her name.
    She presses buttons and watches weights and measures,
    But to her Maker she causes much pleasure.
    The noise is deafening in the place she toils.
    She needs to protect her ears so her hearing is not spoiled.
    Year by year she has been faithful doing her job right.
    She wears covering for her plain clothing that is out of sight.
    In this position she continues doing what she does best,
    Making biscuits that are by her pressed.
    This biscuit maker really does not see
    The very important work that she does for me.
    She meets with her God daily, as she lays her burdens down,
    And she brings every burden of others that she has found.
    Her songs are not heard by the one standing close by,
    But they are clearly heard by God on high.
    Her hours of sweet thoughts are well received,
    They’re planted in good soil, so others will profit in their needs.
    Her name you do not know but her name is written on my hand.
    The little biscuit maker is firmly in my plan.
    What is it this story that is revealed in rhyme?
    You are never overlooked when you are mine.
    The very lowest job description may become,
    The most holy meeting place when the day is done.
    Every time you see someone doing their daily task it could be,
    They are doing a major job for me.
    And every time you find
    Yourself doing something that seems a waste of time,
    Remember this story of the biscuit maker; and how much God cares,
    That He gave you a poem that her story shares.

Lord you are so good, I marvel at Your love.  Help me to appreciate others and to never feel my efforts to serve are unimportant or of little value.

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