Holy Desire By Brenda Drake


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Song of Solomon 7:10
I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me.

        We will stand amazed one day to see the holy work of the Lord accomplished in and through us.  Great is His love and desire toward His redeemed.

His Holy Desire

Holy fire of desire, so far deep within;
In the name of Jesus its perpetual flame is proclaimed by Him.
The touch of holiness that creates anew;
Forming and weaving Himself in every way to show Himself in you.
A love matchless; reaching a limit unknown,
With infinite care and dedication, to make you His own.
With a jealous eye
He guards His Bride.
With the intensity of His desire,
He showers benefits anointed with fire.
With words of promise, words of peace,
Words of wisdom to cause increase,
Words of instruction, words to guide,
Words of love to warm you inside,
Words to think, words to speak,
Words that water to quench the thirst of the weak,
Words to feed; to make fat the soul,
Words of praise and worship that overflows,
Holy life giving words of rhyme,
To nourish the starving soul, and to challenge the mind.
Jesus, the Word, spoke from the cross to man,
New life, new hope, and new desires as the Father planned.
Anointed, holy, and everlasting is the fire,
Of His touch upon and through those He so desires.

I desire to know You more and more.  As I learn more and more I see and understand the great desire you have toward me,  I am humbled by such love.

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