Speak to Our Every Storm By Brenda Drake

Pray for the many stormy times in our world.

storm AJiuWo

Speak to Our Every Storm

At this turbulent time, when it seems all is blowing apart,
Father I ask for a mighty drawing together of hearts.
Let all hurt feelings and un-forgivenness blow away.
And allow the sweet touch of enduring love stay.
Our world is being terrorized on every side,
But Jesus, I know how much you love us, Your bride.
As You pour strength and courage into us this day.
Direct Your Church to know how to pray.
Our prayers are powerful as they with Your will align.
Strengthen and direct our hearts and minds.
Fill our mouth with thanks and praise and worship songs.
You are with us no matter what we go through
So I will at this turbulent times place all my faith and trust in You.
Jesus as the storm rages outside and within is increased
I will remember You are the Prince of Peace.
You spoke to the storm and it went away.
Speak to our every storm so peace will again rule our day.

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