Testings’ by Brenda Drake


passed testdownload (3)


In our troubling times our patience is indeed tested.  I admit I could use grace in this area.  With Irma in Florida and perhaps more hurricanes in our future, floods in     Texas, fires in Montana, along with the unstableness of our world we all need more of God’s strength within.  I am so thankful our Lord is loving and patient with us.   Lord give us more of your love so in whatever trouble strikes our life we are able to still show the way of salvation to the lost, and Your love to our brothers and sisters in Christ.


In troubled times when things are rough,
Do you dig in deep, but in faith look up?
Or do you as a tiny baby fuss and cry loud,
As you make yourself heard in a crowd?
Grumbling and complaining as you push and shove;
A test failed in patience and love.
In your trials are you so anxious and upset you are unable to see,
Another’s problem and their needs?
Did you miss opportunity to show God’s strength within;
So another too would learn to trust in Him?
Perhaps you faltered at the start,
But in the end you had change of heart.
What truly mattered was those you love are safe and sound,
And the precious place of peace and harmony was again found.
Perhaps you were tested and failed and did not act, say or do right.
And you began to struggle and put up a fight.
Take heart, in the troubled times you have surely passed the test
When the One you love most is the strength and victory confessed.


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