Irma’s Fury By Brenda Drake


HURRICANEdownload (3)

This was our first experience with hurricanes.  Irma was a monster to break us in!  We are happy to say we survived her fury.  I am very aware of many people still suffering greatly from the terrible aftereffects of this storm, and I pray for healings and recovery for all of them.   This poem is the view point of my involvement so far.  At this writing there are many still out of power and clean water with homes ripped apart, dealing with insurance issues and rebuilding problems.  Lord give strength to them I pray.

Irma’s Fury

Wow, the storm has passed by
And we let out a relieved sigh.
Irma was a monster that promised us a mess.
But, we were well informed to know what to expect.
We wisely listened and waited for her and her stormy friends to leave town.
And with awe we went outside to look around.
Indeed, devastation she left in her path,
Along with, some troubling inconveniences and lack.
But with a thankful song of praise we know without a doubt,
It would have been much worse if faced alone leaving God out.
For, He is the One that tames the storms that rage.
Irma is no more; it is time to turn another page.
In the future she will be seen in another light,
Perhaps, even some funny experiences will visit to cause delight?


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