When Appitite for More is Sin By Brenda Drake


Proverbs 16:16
How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!

When An Appetite for More is Sin

There are men and women too
That wants their life to improve
Their pockets are empty but they have good taste;
The finer things in life they desire to embrace.
It is not at all unusual to see,
That an appetite for more may become fixation of greed.
With a drive to possess no matter the cost,
The hunger becomes sin, and must be brought to the cross.
The diligent worker may say, I have earned the right,
To get what my hearts delights.
By the sweat of their brow they may reach their goal;
Doing their best to be in full control.
It is by their own effort they claim,
To enjoy the finer things without an ounce of shame.
But there is One who paid your debt for you.
Who sweat great drops of blood in His decision to carry through.
He died so you could hunger to find,
The greatest, most beautiful, treasure of all time.
Jesus took your place….He died for your sin and shame,
So you could enjoy all the abundance applied to His name.
He who was richest became the most poor;
So the lost could spend eternity in the rich presence of the Lord.

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