Access, Assurance, Acceptance and Acknowledgement By Brenda Drake


accepted crossth (1)

Salvation is the greatest gift I have ever received.  I am proud to tell the world I am a born again believer.  It is my pleasure sharing the Good News with all I meet.  I am free to serve the One I adore, by serving the ones He died to save from sin’s trap.

Access, Assurance, Acceptance, and Acknowledgment

I ignorantly was walking toward what I could not see;
A forever separation from whatever was good for eternity.
When truth, was brought before my bewildered eyes,
My precarious situation was recognized.
As fear quaked the foundation of my life,
I was introduced to the provision of Jesus Christ.
He brought me to the place,
Where, I had access to His amazing grace.
He assured me, He had me in mind the day,
He died, to my debt of sin pay.
At His invitation, I grasped on with delight..
He accepted me into His glorious light.
Fear was replaced with hope and peace within.
My blinded eyes were opened.
The sure damnation for my soul.
Is now forever canceled.
The joy of salvation, is a endless song my heart sings,
As an anthem of praise; to Jesus my King.
He acknowledges me as His each and every day
I wish to also acknowledge Him in all I do, think, and say.

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