The Power of Love By Brenda Drake

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The Power  of Love

Peope think of love as soft and mushy most of the time.
A push-over love, that is weak in mind
God is love. He is not weak in any way.
His love is power that even the wind obeys.
Some feel, because God is love, they are able to do,
What-ever they deem as honorable and true,
But because of God’s love, the opposite you will find is so,
Beacause of love, He cannot just go with the flow.
Wrong is wrong and right is right.
Darkness has nothing to do with light.
Those who desire a God that  loves so much,
They are allowed to trespass His law and His Word readjust,
Aspire to redefine His masterplan,
They want to think and do whatever they can.
The power of God’s love is so strong,
It allows you to choose right or wrong,
It could never be so weak He would say well done,
If you attempt to enter His presence, without the blood of God’s Son.

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