Flowers in the Bowl of Life By Brenda Drake


flower arrangement03a112bb7f48eb2e47fd6402dd7c65e4--do-good-bible-verses

Do you feel like a beautiful flower?  You are.  Our God arranges us all as His sweet-smelling bouquet. His is admiring the work of His hand.  When life makes you feel more like a downtrodden artificial bloom remember your life is made beautiful because of the one that makes you beautiful by His sacrifice in your behalf.

Flowers in the Bowl of Life

Lovely flowers held in the bowl of life;
They need fresh water changed to keep them alive and bright.
A supply of living water with God’s power within its flow,
Will insure God’s children will thrive in the world below.
Lovely is the display, a marvel to see.
A holy flower arrangement created for me.
Every person is special; everyone has an appointed place.
All of them shine from within; when they are covered by grace.
Every step is measured, every hair noted, and every thought known.
All are viewed closely until they are full grown.
The atmosphere though tainted, will not destroy the flowers described;
For they are well-fed with special Son-shine to keep them alive.
It is grand display of loveliness, sweet aroma fills the air.
This great bouquet of souls is readied; for heavens rooms prepared.
The groom stands to receive them for this is the reason He died
He soon receives the beautiful work of His hand; His Church, His waiting bride.

Philippians 1:6
Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:


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