I Am Glad I Was Wrong By Brenda Drake


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I am rarely glad to be proven wrong.  But concerning the truths of God I will be forever grateful to admit I was mistaken.  I rejoice that I am His and am glad to proclaim His Word and His ways are of utmost importance to me.

I Am Glad I Was Wrong

There are times I am glad I was proven wrong;
When I rejoice at the revealed untruths that did not belong.
For once I was taught and thought my ancestors were from monkeys:
But I have now learned of my real family tree.
The tree dates back to Adam, in the image of God he was made.
I am glad I was wrong; for my mistake was grave.
I believed I had to harden my heart, now I find it must stay soft.
I thought I should gather all I could no matter the cost.
I saw myself as best in my uncertain way;
For, I only did what I felt like doing every day.
I did not follow rules for I thought I knew best what was right.
I am glad I was completely wrong when I said I had clear insight.
Another thing I used to think true,
If I put my mind to it there was nothing I could not do.
But I could not be clean as new fallen snow.
No matter how hard I tried I remained a lost sinful soul.
I said I would rule my own life, I am so glad I was wrong,
For if I continued to believe untruths I would not to God belong.
My life is taken over by Jesus; I am saved because of His sacrifice;
I am very glad He did not allow me to die believing I was right.

Matthew 4:16
The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up

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