Of Value By Brenda Drake



Of value…
Life, laughter, memories, and eyes able to see
The work of God revealed in others, and in our surroundings.

Life …
Life is a gift from God, filled with joy, and learning years,
And some sadder times of trial, uncertainties, and tears.

Laugher flavors our lives with a sweet taste.
As we recall and share them, others are touched in a positive way.

Memories of good times cause the heart to sing,
A joyous melody in tune with our King.
Of value also are memories that may cause us to cry;
Loving words spoken into our lives.
Precious are the memories of love ones missed.
A loving touch is delivered in remembrance.
Good recollections are valuable, keep them safe within.
For those of most value will be revisited again and again!

Time is of value….
We have only one life. We do not know how long we have to live.
 Because time is so valuable we need to wisely spend it
 God’s desire is for us to enjoy life and to have a heart able to see.
The most precious gift bestowed to set us free.
With heart and eyes open to others in our midst.
For they to are of great value because they are His.

  Of Value

Take time to smell the flowers, and enjoy the warmth of the sun
Feel the breeze.. count the stars… enjoy God’s creation
Take note of the neighbor, take time to smile and be nice
Look for the sparkle in a snowflake, and for the colors in the ice
Behold God’s gifts; take time to worship and to give praise
For even in a sinful land, you can find joy along the way

Phillipians 4:4
Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.



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