Tightly Entwined By Brenda Drake

The enemy is constantly at work to convince us that we are not good enough, or that someone else is not up to par.  I am excited to learn more each day that though the enemy may try to rip us apart, we do not need to allow it to happen.  When we are one with the Creator, one with each other, and one in the Spirit, we are entwined with love.  I am sure we do not fully understand the beautiful truth of His full salvation.  We need to remember that our God is forming His masterpiece from the inside out, weaving His love in and through all of His creation!

Tightly Entwined

To take a basket apart is hard to do
For it is woven tightly and will hardly move.
It so retains its shape.
That to pry it apart, it will break.
Now this is silly, why would you try?
What good would the reed be so brittle and dry?
It would no longer be of use anymore.
Never again could it be as it was before.
This story is to show you another truth to see–
This is how hard it is to be separated from Me.
We are even more entwined than this
For we are fused together, a perfect fit.
The chosen vessels are woven together too,
So in unity they will move.
The destroyer causes divisions in the body of Christ
By doctrines of differences and unneeded strife.
Never is he able to end God’s work on earth.
Never is he able to destroy or dismantle the Church.
When you are feeling frazzled and falling apart,
Remember, you are entwined with the Father’s heart.
No one can separate you from His loving care,
And that He is of all things fully aware.
The Holy Spirit is busily mending each break
For God’s will is taking shape.
Soon the beautiful work is done,
The masterpiece prepared for God’s Son.
A beautiful bride that is so intimately entwined with His love.
A work that is very pleasing, it glorifies the Father above.

John 17:21
That they all may be one; as thou, Father art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

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