Jewels of Time By Brenda Drake

i love this poem. I love my Lord!

Brenda Drake Poetry


        When  look ahead through eyes of faith, expecting the best even  in times of difficulty,  I  believe there are brighter days ahead.     Life is a gift.  When  we trust God our life is  filled with precious jewels to enrich our life. 

Jewels of Time

I look for diamonds in the sands of time.
Jewels of revelation in my heart and mind.
I hunger for the wisdom prepared for me
I ask for God’s help and ability
I serve a supernatural God with no limits to His power.
I will be His hand extended in the world’s last hour.
In God’s Word many things as yet are undetected;
I will in this life expect the unexpected.
All of life’s journeys are mapped out by Him.
The most high, most Holy, my God and friend.
As I walk by faith I see streets of gold shining…

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