Christ’s Love By Brenda Drake

I have been hurt many times by unkindness.  Before Jesus I handled it by telling off the person, or by erasing them from my life.  Neither is the acceptable solution after salvation.  I have had to learn how Jesus would handle things.  Sometimes it is almost more than I can handle, and I truly need His strength to not react in a wrong way.  And then there are the times I do not want to die to self! I know that I need to pray in the difficult times to allow Jesus to rule from within.  Only then I will be practicing Christ’s love

Christ’s Love

Love handles a situation explosive with care;
It will not bottle it up but will in love the problem share.
Love hates division – it truly hates strife.
Love will offer up itself to enrich another’s life.
The world has many opportunities to be used for test;
When the heart can choose to strike or it can practice forgiveness.
I do not say it is easy – it is impossible sometimes without Christ.
For although the spirit is willing the flesh puts up a fight.
To suffer wrong willingly is not the way it normally is done on earth;
It is not a desirable project – it is hard work.
To forgive the one that strikes and causes disrespect to you,
Is not the thing that you willingly will do.
But Jesus suffered much more than this in your behalf.
He will give you the strength you need to keep on track.
Love is very anxious to serve God by serving another.
Love will be constant in praise toward your brother.
Love is able to stand and say with a heart that is true:
“I will if need be die for you.”
To die to self-will is what is needed to walk God’s way;
To die to self’s reactions in what you do or say.
You will find that the strength to do right is as close as a prayer my friend.
You can do all things through Christ who strengthens – on Him depend.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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