The Comforter By Brenda Drake

          Oh how I love the Holy Spirit, He is the Comforter of my soul.  Jesus knew we would need help to follow after Him, He knew the Holy Spirit would lead, guide, and teach us. He knew we would find great joy in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Thank You Jesus for such great love and care until You return for us.

The Comforter

There is One that dwells near that you cannot see.
He is the One that dries the tears for thee.
He walks where Angels cannot tread.
He hears every word ever said.
This One is always kind and gentle to the aching heart.
He is the One that kindles loves fires to start.
He builds up and makes strong the damaged or weak.
He gives comfort to the soul that seeks.
This One comes at the whispered prayer;
And He truly cares.
His healing touch raises the dead.
He nourishes the starving underfed.
The Comforter is sent to you as a gift from above,
To prove and to show the Father’s love.
He speaks of salvation and He lifts up Jesus’ name.
When the Holy Spirit enters a life is never again the same.
Sweet words of wisdom fill the mouth with praise.
Great is the thanks of a soul that has been saved;
For they are greatly assured of the work of the cross.
So great is the peace – no longer are they lost.
The Light of the Universe lives within,
For the Comforter has made residence in him.
He too can reach out and give comfort to another lost soul.
God’s love from him now overflows.
The Comforter now gives this word of rhyme to touch the ear,
With some more comforting words for you to hear.

Revelations 2:29
He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

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