Wishful Thinker or Man of Faith By Brenda Drake

I used to be a daydreamer.  I was rich, famous, and beautiful in my mind and I would have the world at my beck and call.  Now I have hopes and dreams that I have placed in my heavenly Father’s care.  I desire His will more than any of the things I use to think I wanted or needed; in fact the strange thing is I no longer desire most of my once sought dreams.

Wishful Thinker or Man of Faith

Wishful thinking, you have heard of this.
It usually means a hoped for something that does not exist.
A desire, a need, or a dream in the mind,
That fits into the plan of your own design.
There are some that live each day,
Day dreaming their lives was a different way.
Perhaps they dream they become rich or famous or very wise;
Anything to make them seem greater in their own eyes.
God changes a wishful thinker into a great man of faith,
Where hopes and dreams materialize to be embraced.
Faith is something hoped for that you cannot see.
But who you have faith in is the key.
Look in God’s Word; find what He desires for you to possess.
And then have faith you will receive what is for your best.
Do you want to be great? Learn to be least.
Do you want wisdom?  In the Word take feast.
Do you want to be helped” A helper become,
Do you want friends? Then be friendly to someone.
Are you in need of riches?  Give all and follow Christ,
And He truly will enrich your life.
A man of faith knows he will receive what he asks.
When he aligns his wishes with what God has already stated as facts.
Your dreams become reality;
All you have desired, one day you will be,
Claim God’s will for you, do not hesitate.
Do not settle for wishful thinking- be instead a man of faith.

1 Corinthians 2:5
That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

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