Wisps of Truth By Brenda Drake

      The Holy Spirit starts His holy work long before we know or even desire to know God.  In times of quiet, and of trial we are touched with fascinating strands of truth. The salvation story enters into the hungry seeking heart.  I now have a great hunger for the Word.  God feeds me often all the wisdom I desire, and encourages me to even eat more!

Wisps of Truth

Wisps of truth, like delicate strands of gold,
Deposited in the secret place the heart holds.
Interwoven threads of goodness pure and undefiled;
Bits of God’s wisdom that causes the heart to smile.
Wondrous revelations that reveal God’s power and might;
That floods the inner sanctuary with eternal lights.
A supernatural breath of air that lifts up the heart to receive,
That, that their faith believes.
The truth of God’s love has a sweet taste,
As God introduces the wonder of His grace.
The captive is freed, like an eagle soars to great height,
As God’s forgiveness fills the soul with unearthly delights.
Great desire fills this place with the need to give praise;
At the truth of unworthiness, the heart bows amazed.
Beautifully adorned in worship as a living sacrifice;
Filled and overflowing, one with Jesus Christ.
A marvelous union so intricately designed;
One with the Truth – perfectly aligned.
Seek God and you will find peace.
Seek His ability for He is your strength.
Hunger for righteousness – He is the bread.
Thirst for His wisdom, He is the head.
Rest in His goodness, entrust your life to His care;
He is the fullness you seek; He is always willing to share.
Every trial you face, know He guides your step.
Every battle formed against you He is prepared for it.
Read God’s Word each and every day,
And the delicate strands of His truth will show you His way.

John 8:32
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free

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