Your Love Reached Down By Brenda Drake



love reached downth (3).jpg

Your Love Reached Down

Your love for me is more than I can fully understand;
It reached down from forever in Your master plan.
It reaches higher than the highest place.
It wraps forever in Your loving embrace.
Your love is steady and sure;
Never failing and always pure.
Your love takes me and makes me like love too.
Your love molds me, shapes me, and breaks me… to be more like You.
Broken, to be perfected by blood of the Lamb;
A sacrificed life created to serve and to love as You plan.
From the lowest valley to the highest mountain of pleasure;
Your love leads me and fills me abundant without measure.
Your love is strong, powerful, and evident at every turn in my life.
Your love has touched my heart’s vision with Your light.
Love’s touch has made flowers bloom in my once barren soul.
The broken, discarded vessel is made new and full of love’s flow.
To be a drink for the thirsty, and  strength to all that seek;
A word of hope to the needy that desires to love’s language speak.
Your love for me causes such a joy deep within,
That my whole heart, mind and soul desired to worship again.
You are my delight and the joy that is unmeasured.
You cause my heart to sing abundant in pleasure.
O Heart express how much you desire to your love show,
Tell God how much you yearn to dwell forever in His love flow.
My prayer is for my life on the earth to be
A loving example for another to my Lord’s love see.


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