Bound by Chains of Love By Brenda Drake

I thought I was free to do as I desired when I left home.  I was free to drink, free to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  I was not free I was bound by sin. Now I am bound to Jesus with His chains of love.  Now I am truly free. Free to worship, free to praise, and free to serve Him by serving and loving others.

Bound by Chains of Love

I have been set free from bondage and from the chains of sin,
And now in my freedom I am bound to Him;
 I am bound by chains of love that will never break apart.
I am drawn into Him and He moves into my heart.
This place I have been drawn into I never want to leave.
It holds within all I ever need.
I will not fight my captor, I willingly submit,
All He does to restrain me is for my benefit.
I am set free to worship Him that died to save my soul.
All I have I offer to give Him full control.
My flesh is all I need to fight; one day it too I will shed.
Until that great day, I am by God’s Spirit led.
He helps me walk and talk like Jesus, God’s Son.
And one day I will with Him become as one;
Fully, and firmly in His presence setting at His side,
Forever one with Him as His bride.
Oh great day I became His property; a willing slave I am.
My prayer is to serve Him that I love the best that I can.

Romans 6:22
But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.

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